Sadegh Seddighi

Assistant professor, Thermo-Fluid Engineering and Energy Conversion
Department of Mechanical Engineering
K.N. Toosi University of Technology


Professional Biography:

After more than a decade of international industrial experience in Northern Europe and Western Asia, Sadegh Seddighi joined the department of mechanical engineering in 2014. His work experience and research from year 2000 has been focusing on Energy Technology, Fluid Mechanics, Reaction Kinetics and Heat Transfer.

In Northern European industries, he developed modelling tools for near-zero emission energy technology from 2009 to 2014. His work in Northern Europe involved experimental and modeling work in multi-phase flow and reaction kinetics. The project has been financed by the energy industry and successfully developed design tools for the large-scale clean power plants. Prior to that, he worked around four years as a field engineer in oil and gas industry, i.e. natural gas field development. In addition he has had industrially funded research on energy consumption efficiency, automotive after treatment systems, propulsion systems.


2009-2014: PhD, in Chalmers University of Technology, Energy Technology, Sweden
Thesis: Combustion, Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer in OxyFuel and air-fired Power Plants

2007-2009: M.Sc. in Royal Institute of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Sweden
Thesis: Turbulent flow in an after-treatment system of an internal combustion engine

1996-2000: B.Sc. in Sharif University of Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Tehran, Iran (SUT)
Thesis: Hydrogen as a fuel

Research Interests

Multiphase Flow

Fluid Dynamics

Reaction Kinetics

Energy Technology

Stability and Transition



6th  Floor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Pardis Avenue, Mollasadra Avanue, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98-21-84063253

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